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CRACKING THE CODE: Consultation for building industry signals changes to the Ontario Building Code
August 23rd, 2017 5:27 pm     A+ | a-

Paul De Berardis / RESCON

The Ontario government wants your opinion on the steps to introducing net-zero homes by 2030 and large buildings after that.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is seeking input on new proposed requirements in the Ontario Building Code (OBC) to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the building sector in support of the government’s Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP). The OBC has become a mechanism to implement a number of the CCAP commitments, including potential Code changes shown below to achieve long-term energy efficiency targets to move houses and buildings toward net zero in the future.

The consultation deadline is Friday, Sept. 29.

Every five to seven years, a new OBC is issued to implement government priorities and reflect changes in the model national construction codes. The proposals included in this consultation are for potential inclusion in the next edition of the Code. Please see the table below for a timeline summing up the proposed change implementation for some of the most pertinent changes for home builders.

For a more comprehensive index of the proposed changes, click here.

Please review the changes and submit any feedback or questions to me at As part of this consultation, RESCON will be submitting detailed comments on behalf of our membership.

Thanks for reading!


Paul De Berardis is RESCON’s director of building science and innovation. Contact him at or @RESCONtech.

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