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LABOUR RELATIONS: Bill 148 will be a driving force for years to come
December 21st, 2017 6:25 am     A+ | a-

Andrew Pariser / RESCON

As the year end approaches, it is important for all members to turn their attention to legislative changes that will impact all members. While annual updates to health and safety continue, this year’s wrap-up column focuses solely on Bill 148: The Fair Workplaces, Better Job Act, 2017 which received royal assent on Nov. 27.

Here’s what you need to know: This bill and its implications are broad as it is an omnibus labour bill which impacts 10 acts including the Employment Standards Act, 2000, Labour Relations Act, 1995, and Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1990.

However, most changes will not come into effect until Jan. 1, 2019 or the expiry of the next collective agreement (which for all unionized builders in April 30, 2019). The exception is the expansion of paid emergency leave days. Information on this issue will be sent directly to members in very early January, once the full impacts are better understood.


Further, this bill is not widely understood as virtually all of the debate and media coverage focused on changes to the minimum wage which will increase to $14/hour on Jan. 1, 2018, then $15/hour on Jan. 1, 2019, and subsequently tied to Consumers Price Index on a going-forward basis.

 Other changes include:

  • Changes to scheduling, reporting to work, call-in pay, on-call provisions
  • Vacation pay, public holidays, personal emergency leaves
  • Other leaves of absence including family medical leaves, the death of a child, crime-related deaths
  • Temporary help agencies, the definitions of an Employer / Employee
  • Increased penalties for non-compliance
  • Expanded coverage of the Employment Standards Act, 2000

Because this blog is not designed to provide legal advice, we encourage all members to be in touch with RESCON and/or their legal counsel to fully appreciate how this legislation will impact their members.

RESCON will continue to provide members with updates and as always is available to help ensure members are compliant with all labour laws in Ontario.

In the meantime, here’s wishing everyone a happy holiday season and all the best in the New Year.

Andrew Pariser is the vice-president of RESCON and the chair of RESCON’s health and safety committee. Email him at

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