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LYALL’S FILES: RESCON introduces new government relations director with ‘passion for infrastructure’
September 28th, 2018 3:29 pm     A+ | a-

Richard Lyall / RESCON

Sometimes, as an executive, you meet people and you think, “this person is the right fit for my organization.”

RCCAO executive director Andy Manahan and I shared one of those moments when we interviewed Nadia Todorova.

Nadia was hired in early August as the director of government relations, splitting her time between pushing for residential construction issues for RESCON and infrastructure issues for RCCAO.

Nadia Todorova, director of government relations for RESCON and RCCAO.

Her CV is impressive: senior policy analyst with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC); policy analyst for the Ontario Road Builders’ Association; economist with Ontario’s Ministry of Infrastructure.

She earned a master’s degree in political science, and a bachelor of arts in criminology and political science.

While her qualifications and skills are exactly what we’re looking for, I always emphasize that someone has to be the right fit for our team. And she has the chops to promote the importance of residential construction and infrastructure to government.

Especially when you hear her explain why she returned to construction.


“I have a passion for infrastructure and I understand the importance of it. It’s a great time in the province right now with this government focusing on competitiveness and making sure Ontario is open for business. Infrastructure and residential construction have to be part of that dialogue because I think they are crucial components.

“The many reports that RCCAO does, the work of RESCON on innovation, on tall building projects with the University of Toronto – it’s essential to ensure that the province remains on the right track in terms of addressing the needs of its population and doing it in a way that continues to make it competitive with the rest of the world. And we can be a part of that dialogue.”

Nadia is used to working under pressure.

From Day 1 in her job at the OCC, she had seven weeks to complete a 40-page report on infrastructure, which included citations from RCCAO’s work.

“A lot of the recommendations that I put forward in the report at the OCC ended up being included in the government’s long-term infrastructure plan. It was a career highlight, absolutely.”


As a tenacious learner, Nadia says she sees the challenges of her new job as opportunities.

“With time, with speaking to members and dealing with issues, you get that knowledge and deeper understanding, to the point where members call you and ask for your perspective. I think that’s a benchmark of success and knowledge when members ask for your opinion.

“I look forward to the challenges of this job because, at heart, I’m a policy nerd that loves to learn things.”

She is also proud of her Bulgarian roots, an extremely competitive backgammon player and an ardent supporter of German soccer superpower FC Bayern Munich.

Welcome to the team, Nadia! We’re looking forward to seeing where you can help steer RESCON and RCCAO.


Richard Lyall, president of RESCON, has represented the building industry in Ontario since 1991. He is also a frequent speaker and writer on issues related to the construction industry. Contact him @RESCONprez or at

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