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LYALL'S FILES: RESCON team concludes mission in Denmark
May 22nd, 2015 10:20 pm     A+ | a-
Richard Lyall / RESCON

This has been an incredible fact-finding mission for the RESCON team in Sweden and Denmark.

Sadly, it has come to a conclusion, but we're going to keep posting about what we've learned in the weeks to come here on, so stay tuned.

Here's a quick overview of what we saw today ...

We visited the funky Dome of Visions, a 4-million-Danish-kroner project (about $750,000) that combines Danish super-builder NCC and the City of Copenhagen to create a space that compels people to concentrate their artistic efforts in this 1,300-sq.-ft. space. It's a temporary space that invites people in for a drink or cultural event, and draws crowds into areas that usually don't encourage pedestrian traffic. Made of polycarbonate held together by 5,000 bolts, this was a neat exercise in giving our builders ideas about how to engage their buyers to socialize and participate in the communities they build.

RESCON president Richard Lyall in front of the Dome of Visions.

The interior of the Dome of Visions is shown as our team discusses its merits.

Our next stop was NCC's apartments of Kroyers Square  -- 105 unique, sustainable, luxury apartments in three buildings built with state of the art green technology. All but one suite are sold out.

We put on our hard hats and headed into the largest suite that is still under construction. At 2,800 sq. ft., one of the penthouses boasts an incredible view of the city's breath-taking opera house. It will set you back around 16 million Danish kroner. That's about $3 million for a massive aparrtment in an exclusive part of Denmark's capital, which has about 560,000 residents. Mind you, this project has been under construction since 2012. Considering these buildings aren't more than seven storeys high, one builder muttered with a laugh that he'd lose his job if he only sold 38 suites a year.

Another member couldn't believe how thick the walls were. Thomas Hoeyer Andersen, project chief for Kroyer, said the walls had to live up to eco-label Swan's standards. That meant they were 460 mm thick -- about 1.5 feet thick -- 250 mm of conrete, 150 mm of insulation and 60 mm of brick. These are Denmark's first Swan-certified apartments, we're told.

This project also recently won the award for best residential development at what is the Oscars of the construciton industry in Europe.

The RESCON team stands in front of the Kroyers Square apartments in Copenhagen with our hosts.

We have more to report in the coming weeks, so keep reading this space for more pictures and information on RESCON's incredible #nordicmission.


Richard Lyall has represented the residential building industry in Ontario since 1991 in his capacity as the President of RESCON, the President of the Metropolitan Toronto Apartment Builders Association and as the Executive Director of the Toronto Residential Construction Labour Bureau. Lyall is also a frequent speaker and writer on issues related to the construction industry.
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