Building Tall Research Centre The mission of the U of T Building Tall Research Centre is to cluster, highlight, and promote research related to tall buildings from multidisciplinary technical perspectives. These areas include but are not limited to building science, construction, environment, geomechanics, materials, resilience, structures, sustainability, and water resources.
Richard Lyall                                    RESCON

RESCON is a construction employer association which represents the interests of low rise and multifamily residential builders in Ontario. RESCON is comprised exclusively of builders of new residential construction in Ontario.
Builders play a unique role in the building process and often incur significant cost pressures and challenges in delivering affordable high quality housing stock to the market. In advocating for its members and new home buyers, RESCON focuses on removing the barriers in new construction, eliminating and or reducing government imposed costs and red tape, and promoting innovation in construction materials and methods.

Through its various Committees and Boards, RESCON plays a critical role in the following key areas