Health and Safety Excellence Plan (HSEP): RESCON secures group rate and preferred access
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By Grant Cameron
RESCON and ORCCA members can now sign up (at a preferred rate) to be part of a WSIB Health and Safety Excellence (HSEP) program through a group sponsor partnership with TRH and the Hamilton-Halton Construction Association (HHCA).
Securing a spot carries the annual cost of $795, plus HST, but will allow RESCON and ORCCA members to create a healthier and safer workplace, earned annual WSIB rebates, and ultimately lower WSIB insurance premium rates on an ongoing basis.
“HSEP was launched in 2020 by WSIB and all members should take advantage as it highlights the residential construction sector’s commitment to health and safety,” says RESCON VP Andrew Pariser. “This program is a good fit because it will help them develop a roadmap to improve their safety systems and processes and receive recognition for their efforts. Health and safety touches virtually everything on a construction site and this program will help us make worksites safer.”
Details of the program were discussed during a symposium Feb. 16 that was hosted by RESCON and ORCCA. The event featured presentations from WSIB stakeholder engagement lead Diana Rea, HHCA general manager Sue Ramsay, and The TRH Group health and safety consultant Michelle Padley.
Rea explained the program and discussed how companies can benefit from investing in health and safety. A European study showed that every $1 invested in health and safety provides a $2 return in productivity.
She noted that a good health and safety program keeps workers engaged and ensures customers feel safe when dealing with an employer. The other side of the coin is that failing to comply with the regulations could result in steep fines, business disruptions and a negative workplace culture and reputation.
“Your employees want to know you’re taking active steps to invest in health and safety, your customers want to know that. It’s very important to create that health and safety culture for your employees.”
So far, 2,100 employers have enrolled in the WSIB program – about 600 of those are from the construction sector.
The program has three levels – foundations, intermediate and advanced – and there are 36 topics spread across the three levels. Each topic focuses on eliminating or controlling a workplace hazard.
To participate, businesses select a WSIB-approved provider. RESCON is recommending the HHCA-TRH partnership. Once employers enrol, they will complete an assessment to help determine where they should start in their health and safety journey and then develop a plan of action to work on health and safety topics of their choice.
Employers are taught how to complete topics and submit evidence for review by a WSIB validator. Businesses receive a rebate on their WSIB premiums and recognition for investing in a healthier and safer workplace. Click here to learn more about the rebates and download a rebate calculator.
Ramsay spoke about the many benefits of RESCON being part of the regional construction group program and noted that she is available to talk one-on-one with employers about how they can participate.
“We’re really grateful to RESCON for partnering with us on this program,” she said. “We’re really looking forward to working with you.”
Under the agreement with the HHCA, RESCON companies can participate in the program without joining the association.
According to Padley of The TRH Group, which delivers technical aspects of the program, there are myriad benefits to participating, namely that it helps improve the health and safety culture of companies and organizations. Some firms also note their participation in the program when they bid on projects, as it shows they are committed to a workplace culture of health and safety.
HHCA will work with employers to help them complete topics throughout the year and provide templates and guidance on what the expectations are and what must be accomplished in order to achieve validation. The association will also provide networking opportunities, support and resources.
“You are not alone,” said Padley. “We will be with you each step of the way.”
RESCON partnered with HHCA – TRH as they are recognized leaders with respect to technical expertise and member services.
For more information, please click on one of the links below or contact Andrew Pariser at
Click here for a recording of the Feb. 16 symposium.
Click here for more information on the program.
For information on the regional construction group, email
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