Unvaccinated individuals will miss out
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By Ahd AlAshry & Andrew Pariser/RESCON
For just over 19 months, COVID-19 has dominated every aspect of our lives, killed almost 9,900 Ontarians, and reshaped our future in ways we could not have imagined just two years ago.

However, hope is on the horizon, and it is remarkable to see how things flipped once vaccines – which are safe and effective – became widely available. 

First, vaccines work. The data shows that the 85 per cent of the population that is double vaccinated account for only 15 per cent of all ICU cases in Ontario.

Second, the current public health and safety policies/restrictions in place (vaccine passports and immunization deadlines) mean if you aren’t double vaccinated you are going to miss out. Miss on what? Here is a list of things:

No Vaccine, No Service!
Unvaccinated individuals over the age of 12 are prohibited from entering businesses that require a proof of vaccination, such as: restaurants and bars; sporting and recreational fitness facilities (e.g. gyms); waterparks; casinos, bingo halls, and all other gaming establishments; indoor meetings and event spaces; any food or drink establishments with dance facilities (night clubs and wedding receptions); and any rail or air travel.

Watching Ontario’s daily COVID case counts go from 4,000+ a day to as low as 100+ says nothing less than vaccines are effective and our only way out of this pandemic. Specifically, the Ontario COVID-19 taskforce has set the vaccination target at 90 per cent. Unfortunately, there remains a minority of Ontarians who are still hesitant or resistant to getting their double shots, meaning there continues to be a lot of vaccine promotion still to be done.

RESCON, in partnership with several industry representatives, launched a vaccine survey to get a clear picture of the vaccination rates in the construction industry to better inform our vaccine promotion efforts. The survey ran from August to September, and we collected 1,000 responses from both on-site and in-office workers in all sectors of construction. Through the responses, we were able to learn about the main reasons why some people have not yet had their double shots, and which promotional efforts did and did not work.

When we went through the data, we found that in September, the vaccination rate in the construction industry essentially mirrored the public rate when looking at working-aged Ontarians. We also found that the two main reasons some were still afraid of getting their double shots were that they were “worried about the side effects/health implications” and were “waiting for more data on vaccine safety from the government.” Please note, the majority of responses came in before Pfizer and Moderna had received full approval.

To help address these concerns, RESCON hosted Dr. Edward Wasser – founder of Medevaq Inc. – during its last COVID-19 webinar, titled Vaccine Policy and Promotion in the Workplace. He helped answer and resolve these questions. Click here to watch the presentation. We encourage everyone to watch this extremely informative presentation as it answers questions about the vaccine, how it works, and dispels the myths.

Thank you to our members, industry partners, and broader construction industry for the extraordinary COVID-19 efforts that have been made, including but not limited to sharing the survey, COVID-19 safety information, and promoting vaccination.

We are close to the end, but it will only come with increased vaccination rates.
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