Construction Against Racism Everywhere (CARE)


  • CARE Statement

    RESCON is proud of the incredibly diverse and multicultural workforce in the construction industry. We acknowledge that having people from all backgrounds highly benefits our industry, as it offers unique perspectives that lead to new innovative ideas. Our ability to work together and respect each other has been the backbone of achieving excellence in construction and continues to help us better serve the communities in which we build.

    RESCON has always taken a leadership role in the fight against racism and discrimination. Any form of racism, discrimination or hate is not welcome in the construction industry.

    RESCON, representing more than 200 residential builders in the province, along with members of its Anti-Racism Roundtable are "Construction Against Racism Everywhere" (CARE).

"We have always taken a leadership role in fighting racism and discrimination in the construction industry. We are very proud of the fact that we have a multi-racial, multi-cultural and incredibly diverse workforce in Ontario's construction industry and racist behaviour of any kind or in any form will not be tolerated."

Richard Lyall, President, RESCON

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