Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.
Streamlining, cutting red tape and decreasing approval times - together, these represent one of RESCON's top priorities for 2018.
And the Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario (CDAO) also will target red tape, as I have the privilege of taking on the CDAO chair role this year. I told the Daily Commercial News in this article that approval process reforms are needed, and I meant it.
So, to kick off 2018 in pursuit of easier approvals, we have asked builders and developers for their red-tape horror stories. We want to hear from you about which processes have been most frustrating. No names of municipalities or people necessary; this is a fact-gathering exercise, not a witch hunt. See Michael de Lint's Regulatory Rant blog for more.
Meanwhile, please check out my latest column in the Toronto Sun to see five RESCON priorities for 2018. Take a guess what No. 1 is ...
Other stories you should check out below include: RESCON's in-house engineer Paul De Berardis reports on Enbridge's new finishing heat activation form on our blog; RCCAO report author Bern Grush is named the Toronto Star's Wheels section newsmaker of the year; RESCON's Andrew Pariser and Amina Dibe blog about Local 183 hosting high school educators to collaborate on new pathways for students to pursue careers in construction; the Globe and Mail and Toronto Sun write about RESCON's efforts to put 22 homeless people into homes with the St. Clare's Multifaith Housing Society project; and Daily Commercial News speaks with Pariser about the latest on Bill 148.

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Enbridge updates its activation form  

RESCON's in-house engineer Paul De Berardis writes a brief blog on the latest development on finishing heat activation for low-rise construction.

Click here for his blog and the link for the new form.


Toronto Star honours RCCAO report author

Systems engineer Bern Grush, author of Ontario Must Prepare for Vehicle Automation (Parts 1 and 2), is honoured by the Star's Wheels section for his innovative research.

Click here for more.

RESCON teams up with Local 183, teachers

RESCON participates in a seminar at the Local 183 Training Centre to collaborate with educators about how to get more youth involved in the construction trades.

Click here for the blog by Pariser and Dibe.

Globe, Sun write about St. Clare's initiative 

The St. Clare's Multifaith Housing Society project to build 22 homes for homeless people grabs the attention of the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Sun.

Click here to read the Globe piece.
Click here to read the Sun column.

Pariser raises red flag on Bill 148

Construction employers who think Bill 148 won't affect them should think again, labour lawyer Michael Sherrard and RESCON's Pariser tell the Daily Commercial News.

Read the article here.
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