Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.
As an industry, we can no longer take labour supply for granted as it is just too important to leave to other stakeholders.

In order to address the GTHA's labour supply issue, RESCON became involved in numerous programs, councils and initiatives. These include:
  1. Construction Training Exploration Program (CTEP): One of my favourite events of the year is the program's annual meeting when the program's key stakeholders meet the students, hear their stories and find new inspiration about the future of construction. We hope the Toronto District School Board program's model eventually will be used by other regional school boards.
  2. George Brown College's RESCON residential construction management certificate program: Five years ago, RESCON and George Brown College created a program for graduates which combines one semester in the classroom and one on the job site. Interviews for this year's class are starting soon and we expect another pool of highly skilled candidates.
  3. Humber College: This new joint venture will focus on trades training (MOA to come). Humber has dedicated considerable resources to a new facility on Carrier Dr. in northwest Toronto. We recently took a tour and a natural partnership has evolved. More details will be revealed over the next year, but the focus will be on promoting skilled trades workers and matching young, eager job seekers with builders and trades looking to rejuvenate and fill out their staff.
RESCON will continue to lead on this issue, and will be reaching out to members when it comes time for GBC placements. The steps taken today shape the future of tomorrow's residential construction industry.


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