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March 2015

Ontario construction is at a crossroads.

Six construction and infrastructure industry associations have combined to commission the Dawson Report, which expresses the beliefs of home and road builders, sewer and water main experts, general contractors and heavy construction about the inflexible apprenticeship ratios of Ontario’s skilled trades. Please check out our story on the Dawson Report and OCOT, including RESCON’s debut column in the Toronto Sun’s New Homes & Condos section which will be featured on a monthly basis.

RESCON’s vice-president, Andrew Pariser, has written his first health and safety column for on working at heights, and was interviewed by industry publication CondoBusiness on the same subject. RESCON’s tech guru Michael Steele writes about our recent sold-out Tarion seminar, while our infrastructure advocate friends at the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) are featured in the Daily Commercial News for their report on municipal class environmental assessments and their take on extending work hours for construction projects.

Lastly, Alek Antoniuk provides his expertise in his popular Code News column on the Ontario Building Code.

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RESCON launches new column in Toronto Sun

RESCON is now a monthly fixture in a major daily newspaper.

Association president Richard Lyall debuted on March 11 in the Toronto Sun's New Homes & Condos section by writing about the barriers today's youth face in trying to find work in construction.

Lyall criticizes Ontario's strict apprentice-to-journeyman ratio in comparison with other provinces in Canada, including Alberta and Saskatchewan, which are seeing Ontario's young construction hopefuls heading west to get experience. He also touches on Tony Dean's review of the Ontario College of Trades and the Dawson Report, which was financed by RESCON, OHBA and other industry partners and makes important recommendations to improve the industry by focusing on getting youth involved sooner.

Read RESCON's column in the Toronto Sun by clicking here.

RESCON, five partners launch Dawson Report 

This must-read report by Dawson Strategic was launched this week by RESCON and five builder and construction association partners.

It is tied to the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) review by Tony Dean, and is based on facts -- good data leads to good decisions. Let's hope good decisions are made to reform OCOT so that the door can be open to eager young workers looking to join the trades.

Read our story at this link.

Read the report at this link.

Alek Antoniuk's Code News: Debunking the myths of using RCA

One of the uninformed criticisms levelled by some municipal authorities against the use of a Registered Code Agency (RCA) is that, in the event of an error by the RCA, the municipality becomes liable for the mistake.

Even a cursory reading of the Building Code Act demonstrates that this criticism is unfounded because Subsections 31.(3) and 31.(4) of the Building Code Act absolve a municipality of liability for the errors of an RCA.

Click here to read Antoniuk's full letter.

Tech Corner: RESCON members gripped by frank Tarion panel seminar

It was a full house for RESCON's sold-out Tarion talk, moderated by Tech Corner columnist Michael Steele, shown above.

The panel included Tarion's Scott Rowand, developer David Speigel, lawyer Leor Margulies and property manager Naseer Abbasi.

Among the hot topics to arise were customer service, release of securities and chargeable conciliations.
Click here to read Steele's full column.

MCEA process
keeps getting longer, says RCCAO

Our infrastructure advocate friends at the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) -- executive director Andy Manahan and report author Frank Zechner -- pose with their report on the growing number of delays on Ontario infrastructure projects due to the Municipal Class Environment Assessment (MCEA) process.

According the study, it takes more than 26 months to go through the MCEA process compared to 19 months previously. 

That is in addition to growing costs for studies and reports which have doubled over the past four years.

Click here to read the Daily Commercial News story.

RESCON weighs in
on working at heights
for CondoBusiness

RESCON vice-president Andrew Pariser explains to CondoBusiness editor Michelle Ervin that safety and keeping up with new training standards are paramount to the residential construction industry in this terrific article on new mandatory working at heights training requirements.

It also includes quotes from Ontario Labour Minister Kevin Flynn, and mentions that 584 stop work orders occurred last summer during a ministry construction safety blitz related to the new standard.

Read CondoBusiness's story at this link.

Health & Safety: What you should know about working at heights requirements

Any workers on construction sites must complete a Working at Heights training program approved by Ontario’s chief prevention officer (CPO), writes RESCON's vice-president, Andrew Pariser, shown above.

He tackles working at heights in his debut column on health and safety, which you can expect to see as a regular fixture in RESCON Industry News.

For more on at-heights requirements, click on this link.

T.O. takes a hard look at 24-hour roadwork

As the spring finally arrives, it is always accompanied by the beginning of road-building season.

And now the City of Toronto is making moves to tackle our winter-ravaged roads, gridlock and speed up major construction projects on a 24-hour, seven days a week basis. 

RCCAO comments on the issue.

Click here for the story.
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