Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.
Ontario is a land of opportunity, and no where more than the GTHA.

But this region has a lot of people to accommodate, and years of red tape to cut through to build new homes for them. That is not a good combination.

To ensure Ontario remains strong, its economic engine - the housing sector - needs help. For this reason, RESCON has commissioned three reports:
  1. Ryerson University's Centre for Urban Studies, led by David Amborski, will help identify bottlenecks and provide recommendations to streamline the building approval process. Building approvals, innovation and adoption of technology are slow in Ontario. The report is set for release this spring.
  2. The Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis will launch the second part of its innovative Shelter Consumer Affordability Ratio. Set for release in May.
  3. The University of Toronto will release a study of planning approval for 162 residential high-rise condos to learn why the average rezoning is up from one year in 2006 to three years in 2016. This is a big problem - the Planning Act's limit is nine months, while 83% of applications already comply with the municipalities' Official Plans and the provincial Growth Plan. Set for release in May.
The World Bank ranks Canada (via Toronto) as 57th in a comparison of 190 construction permitting processes around the world - that poor metric sends a notice to the global community that investing in Ontario could be a problem insofar as the building approvals process is much too slow and uncertain.

Ontario's approval process must be more transparent, predictable and efficient. We will be at the forefront pushing for that change.

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