Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.
Another Ontario budget has been announced, and please excuse me if I'm not that excited about it.

The government showed this year that it cares a lot about votes in their cynical pre-election "care" budget -- as in health care, dental care and child care -- all for the low price tag of a $6.7-billion deficit, with five years in the red to come. Give the Liberals credit: we did have that one year in the black (2017), thanks to our industry's strength.

As for those of us in housing and residential construction, there was very little in the budget to get excited about which seems crazy considering our importance in this current economic climate. Where are the improvements to cutting red tape? What about making approval processes more efficient? Where is the help for the Millennials who want to buy their first houses?

Oh, well. There's a good chance this is much ado about nothing after the writ drops, and we'll continue to fight for these kinds of improvements for the industry no matter who is in power.

Meanwhile, please read the stories by and the Toronto Star below on the efforts by Vaughan's Skilled Trades College of Canada to train more bricklayers and help the labour shortage; red tape expert Michael de Lint wants to know your best practices for achieving approvals in Ontario; policy consultant Amina Dibe writes about three women leading the way in construction; VP Andrew Pariser gives a health and safety update on the unfunded liability; and Daily Commercial News writes about RCCAO's successful brand as thought leaders through authoritative infrastructure research.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the holidays!

Richard Lyall, President

RESCON supports college's program launch  

Lyall speaks with a CBC reporter at the Skilled Trades College of Canada. The Vaughan school launched a new program to address the shortage of bricklayers.

Click here for a story by
Click here for a story by the Toronto Star.


What are your best practices? Let us know

As he continues to gather information for a report due out in the coming months, RESCON's Michael de Lint wants to know what best practices work for you.

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3 leaders in construction that you should know

Amina Dibe, left, profiles three women -- including Maryam Amin of Great Gulf, right -- who have shown great leadership within the residential construction industry.

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UFL reserve fund is almost zero; now what?

RESCON's VP Andrew Pariser provides an update on the WSIB’s Unfunded Liability (UFL) -- much closer to zero than many would have guessed.

Click here to read Pariser's blog.

RCCAO earns kudos as thought leader

Executive director Andy Manahan speaks with the Daily Commercial News about why the RCCAO brand is tied to being an authority on infrastructure research.

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