Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.
Minister Tracy MacCharles announced that the provincial government was taking the builder regulator role away from Tarion.

For now, we hope that the new regulator will be a transparent, arm's-length agency - unswayed by politics. Let's keep the politics out of residential construction and let good data and evidence-based decision-making take priority over the agendas of elected officials.

While change for Tarion was long overdue, we also want to see the end of Tarion's monopoly as the province's new-home warranty provider. To his credit, Justice J. Douglas Cunningham recommended that Tarion should no longer be the sole warranty provider - let's hope the Wynne government will make this a reality.

One concern that's been shared in conversations within the industry since the minister's announcement is that more regulation means more cost for builders and homebuyers. We need to avoid this.

Here is the link to our press release.

Here is a great story by the Canadian Press that was published across Canada.

Meanwhile, this newsletter includes an important blog post from our in-house engineer Paul De Berardis about ongoing talks over the use of furnaces for construction heat; in my Toronto Sun column, I defend the merits of the Ontario Municipal Board; and our esteemed board member Louie Morizio pens an insightful column on the lingering after-effects of last summer's construction strikes.

Enjoy, and have a safe holiday this weekend with your family and friends!


P.S. Save this date: May 2. Ryerson's Centre for Urban Research and Land Development is hosting a seminar called "Why is the Supply of Serviced Land not Responding to the Market Demand for Housing in the GTA?" Details to come.

Talks heat up between RESCON, HRAI

On May 1st, all furnace manufacturers who are members of the Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) are changing their installation instructions. This will bring big changes to the current practice of heating low-rise homes during construction.

Click here to read Paul De Berardis's blog.

Lyall defends OMB's ruling in midtown T.O.

Richard Lyall writes about the confusion surrounding the role of the Ontario Municipal Board in plans for a 35-storey condo in midtown Toronto.

Read Lyall's column here.

A proposal for the Competition Act  

Amending the references provision of the Competition Act would address the relative underdevelopment of Canadian competition law, writes lawyer Steve Szentesi.

Read the article here.

Ripples of construction strikes still being felt

The industry is still playing catch-up after last summer's trades strike, writes RESCON director and Geranium vice-president Louie Morizio.

Read Morizio's column here.

Exec makes case for infrastructure bank, P3s

Executive director Andy Manahan writes about the benefits of a Canadian Infrastructure Bank and P3s in response to an opposing view on infrastructure funding. 

Click here, then scroll down to "Best Practices, Best Infrastructure."
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