Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.

This year's round of bargaining has proven to be the most challenging since the 1990s. The silver lining to that era of tumultuous labour relations was the creation of labour legislation mandating a 46-day strike window between May 1st and June 15th. As a result, trades that are still on strike will be subject to binding arbitration if new agreements are not reached before June 15th

While labour relations have been our main focus in May, we are still focused on other issues, including innovation.

There is a massive pool of creativity in residential construction looking to create new building techniques and improve practices. New technology will improve efficiencies, make work safer and benefit all stakeholders, including new-home buyers.

It’s innovation, not regulation, that needs to be what defines our industry. However, we live in a culture of regulation – our industry answers to at least 45 different government bodies (see our letter published in the Globe and Mail here) – so we can’t ignore that either.

That’s why RESCON is expanding to add two new departments – innovation and regulations – and has formed a new innovation committee, the Building Innovation Group (BIG), with a focus on panelization, offsite construction and bringing innovative solutions to residential construction. More below.

A big part of tapping into our industry’s creativity stems from making sure there is a steady stream of youth entering it. That’s why RESCON sponsors a 28-week post-grad program at George Brown College called the RESCON Residential Construction Management certificate program. Check out our blog post about the recent annual lunch social below.

Plus, we have coverage of the strikes, a terrific feature on the University of Toronto’s Building Tall Research Centre, and the Globe and Mail speaks with the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario about Toronto city council's consideration of 24/7 construction.



Builders meet with GBC/RESCON class of 2016

A number of RESCON members met with the future of the residential construction industry at a meet-and-greet with students in George Brown College's RESCON-sponsored Residential Construction Management certificate program.

Read Andrew Pariser's column here.

Framers settle, other collective bargaining news

The strike is over for framers. Now we await the drywall, tile and trim strikes to end. Just remember: the June 15th return-to-work deadline is looming. 

Read Pariser's reaction in the Mississauga News.

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U of T's Building Tall Research Centre profiled

Condo columnist Duncan McAllister writes about RESCON's partnership with the University of Toronto for the study and improvement of tall buildings.

Read Metro's story here.

Innovation, not regulation, is where hope lies

Lyall writes about the direction RESCON is taking over the coming months to spearhead innovation and improve how we handle regulations just as the Ontario government makes some restrictive moves.

Read Lyall's column here.

City of Toronto considers 24/7 construction

RCCAO's Andy Manahan is among those who weigh in on the feasibility of Toronto city council's mulling overnight construction to cut costs.

Click here for reporter Jeff Gray's story.
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