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RESCON is offering our newsletter readers an update on the 2019 collective bargaining season.

RESCON President Richard Lyall

While bargaining continues for some trades, it is important to note that the high-rise sheet metal strike is still ongoing, but that the low-rise electricians reached a settlement and their remobilization period has commenced. This is a positive outcome for low-rise electricians, builders and homebuyers. RESCON encourages homebuyers to be in touch with their builders to fully and better understand how their homes may be affected.

Further, we will continue to monitor residential negotiations and advise interested parties on updates as they become available.

It is impossible to know the potential duration or breadth of the labour disruptions. However, it is important to remember that the labour legislation which governs residential construction in the GTA mandates a return-to-work date no later than June 15.

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Also in this newsletter: we continue to feature RESCON in the News, including the latest on the Housing Supply Action Plan; the association's Amina Dibe writes about a Humber College graduate with a bright future as a tile setter; Michael de Lint writes about his takeaways from recent visits Shenzhen, China, and San Francisco; Toronto online lifestyle magazine features five stories on five women in construction (you probably know one or more); and the National Post and ReNew Canada magazine report on RCCAO's latest infrastructure investment report, authored by the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis.
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Richard Lyall, President

A look at Tokyo housing, and the Action Plan

Lyall writes in the Toronto Sun that there is a lot that the GTA can learn about new housing supply in Tokyo, where prices have flatlined. Also, RESCON is interviewed about the Ontario government's Housing Supply Action Plan.


Humber grad's tile-setting career taking off

Humber College graduate Michael Lee talks to RESCON's Amina Dibe about what he loves about working in the trades, his successes and career aspirations. Also check out the Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance video that applauds the Ontario government's support of the skilled trades.

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RESCON visits Shenzhen, San Fran

RESCON's Michael de Lint weaves a can't-miss tale on about his latest overseas adventures in Shenzhen, China, and San Francisco.

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Women in construction explain their success 

RESCON works with innovative online lifestyle magazine to tell the stories of five successful women in residential construction. 

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Feds, Ontario should dig deeper: report

Double investment as a percentage of Ontario GDP to maintain economic health, says the latest report commissioned by RCCAO and authored by CANCEA.

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