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July 2015

Hi, RESCON readers. Hope you’re enjoying the dog days of summer.
I would like to highlight some of the content that you’ll find in today’s newsletter, starting off with the number 45.
I’m not talking about the number Michael Jordan wore during his first comeback from retirement. This is the number that our director of technical standards, Michael Steele, came up with to highlight how many government entities – legislation, administrative authorities, commissions, councils, agencies, ministries and codes – that we in the residential construction industry have to deal with. 

And while Steele came up with his number with a lot of deliberation, he admits that the number could be higher. Our industry is covered in red tape, so Steele was determined to take on the challenge of identifying every government entity and and the myriad of regulations that every builder must deal with.
It’s a fascinating read for anyone in our industry, so I recommend that you have a look at his column below and let us know if we missed anything – email
My latest column in the Toronto Sun concludes our editorial coverage on RESCON’s trip to Scandinavia as we focus on housing innovation in Sweden, RESCON VP Andrew Pariser returns with his health and safety column, and easing GTA gridlock is a theme shared by three items below involving our infrastructure affiliate, the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario.

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How the number 45 impacts our industry

Wrapped up in red tape? So is the rest of the residential construction industry. Here's Michael Steele's Tech Corner column on the number 45.

Read Steele at this link.


Mid-rise innovation not just a Swede dream

RESCON president Richard Lyall writes about his recent experiences in Sweden with a team of builders which toured some of the country's most innovative mid-rise buildings, including a brownfield success story mid-rise community out of a failed Olympic bid and an eight-storey wood-frame building clad with Canadian cedar.

Read Lyall's Toronto Sun column here.


Hello, Minister! RESCON building relationships

RESCON president Richard Lyall strikes a pose with Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Ted McMeekin at the annual McMeekin Open golf tournament in Brantford.

What MOL's Safe
at Work plan means for builders

RESCON VP Andrew Pariser writes about the latest news in health and safety for the GTA's residential construction industry.

This month, he writes about the MOL’s Safe at Work Ontario initiative, which raises awareness and compliance of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Part of the initiative includes sector-specific plans, including one for the construction industry.

Read Pariser's column here.

Premiers agree to seek better mobility for apprentices

There are around 350,000 apprentices and close to 100,000 apprentices who enter the system each year across the country. A new protocol agreed upon by Canada's premiers will allow apprentices to pursue jobs anywhere in the country next year.

Click here to read DCN's story.

Countdown continues for Tony Dean review

It's the ninth month of Tony Dean's review of the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT).

Read Dean's July update on the review at this link.

Airwaves heat up
over HOT lanes

The premier's announcement that the GTA's HOV lanes would be carefully considered to be transformed into HOT lanes has been a hot topic in this last week.

So CFRB 1010 host Ryan Doyle turned to RCCAO executive director Andy Manahan to get his perspective.

Hear the interview at this link.

RCCAO gas tax report fuels media frenzy

Well, "frenzy" can mean different things to different people, but for a small shop like the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance, it meant more than a dozen media interviews for report author Dr. Harry Kitchen and RCCAO's Manahan.

The much-debated report recommends that the provincial government raise gas and diesel taxes by about eight cents a litre and dedicate the funds raised to finance infrastructure.

You'll find seven radio interviews and six stories at this link.

Easing gridlock legacy of Pan Am?

Oliver Moore of the Globe and Mail writes a very thought-provoking story about whether the discussion surrounding the HOV lanes and whether it could lead to big changes that will curb GTA traffic congestion. Dr. Harry Kitchen comments.

FYI, the HOV lanes have been reduced from three passengers to two and will continue until Aug. 18 when the Parapan Am Games have wrapped up.

Click here for the Globe's story.

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