Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.
These are the dog days of summer, a good time to reflect on the aftermath of the collective bargaining round of 2016.

The strikes were well documented in the media (RESCON also put out five press releases during collective bargaining season), but what happens on job sites now also is important. Facing many regulatory barriers from municipal and provincial governments, builders have a profound ability to overcome incredible obstacles, including those related to labour relations. We're here to fill a few cracks.
In the aftermath of the labour stoppage window, RESCON has:
- been in an ongoing discussion with our colleagues at Tarion. Click here to see RESCON's recent letter.
- begun the process of launching a digital program to assist builders in fully understanding changes to the framing collective agreement. While still in beta testing, our members will be able to use this new tool soon.
- been preparing an information session to answer questions from our members' payroll staff, as well as a labour-relations focused session to help members understand the results of the June arbitration decisions. Stay tuned to our emailed updates for those dates.  

We're also looking at artificial skilled labour shortages in certain sectors to meet builders needs, as well as the expansion of offsite construction and panelization. 

We're all working together to overcome the difficulties that the strikes caused. In the coming months, RESCON will bring you updates on innovation, building offsite and the regulations our industry faces.

Enjoy the newsletter (and the heat)!


George Brown grad leads with soft skills

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High school students thrive on construction site

Read the story of Renzo Soriano, centre, a student who struggled in the classroom setting but thrived on a RESCON member's construction site in the first of a two-part series at about this amazing program.

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Why new initiative will make minimal impact 

RESCON's tech guru Michael Steele turns to new colleague Michael De Lint, a former provincial senior policy adviser, and gets some surprising stats about greenhouse gas emissions and construction in relation to the government's plans for our industry.

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RCCAO report: Megatrends to shape future

Former Ontario deputy minister Michael Fenn writes the labour-management coalition's latest report, suggesting the Wynne and Trudeau governments pay heed to megatrends before making big decisions on infrastructure that will impact generations.

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