Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.

RESCON has been buzzing in the early going this fall. With our office tackling several issues, there's two I'd like to highlight in this space.

First, check out this front-page article on the City of Toronto's end-to-end review by Novae Res Urbis reporter Rachael Williams, who does a great job in explaining many points of view from the City as well as industry sources (including three RESCON employees).

Secondly, I chatted with reporter Grant Cameron of the Daily Commercial News about the merits of Bill 108, the More Homes, More Choice Act. There have been reports on Bill 108 that are inaccurate, so I'm grateful that DCN made an effort to set the record straight.

Also in this newsletter: in the Toronto Sun, I write about the impending water crisis that will hit new-home buyers, as well as a column on how behavioural economics can be used to recruit more young people into the skilled trades; check out our blog on RESCON's mental health symposium on Nov. 7; there's a must-read update on the WSIB; read our blog on the the City of Toronto's updated noise bylaw and exemption permits; and RCCAO report author Frank Zechner writes about a pressing issue facing construction -- finding locates via Ontario's One Call service.

Let us know what issues are impacting your work. Thanks for reading!

Richard Lyall, President

T.O.'s looming water crisis; boosting the trades

In the Toronto Sun, Lyall writes about water -- "not a shortage from your tap, but a serious challenge managing everything flushed down your drains, falling from the sky or collecting below ground." Also, he writes about how behavioural economics can be applied to encourage young people to enter the skilled trades.

Read the column on water here.
Read the column on the skilled trades here.


RESCON shines a light on a sensitive issue

With goals that include improving awareness and destigmatizing mental health, RESCON will host this industry-focused symposium on Nov. 7, write RESCON's Amina Dibe and Cassandra Dobrzynski.

Read the blog here.


Here's 3 issues you need to know

RESCON's Andrew Pariser and Cassandra Dobrzynski provide an update on 2020 rates, the health and safety excellence program, and the rate framework review.

Click here for their blog.

City of Toronto releases new regulations

City council introduced amendments to the noise by-law: continuous concrete pouring and large crane work will no longer be exempt as of right but a noise exemption permit process is in place, write RESCON's Nadia Todorova and Paul De Berardis.

Read their blog here.


RCCAO author tackles locates dilemma  

Contractors face long, costly delays to get reliable locate information, writes RCCAO report author Frank Zechner, who presents nine solutions.

Read the Ear to the Ground magazine article here.

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