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October 2015

At RESCON, we're meeting with world leaders in innovation.

That includes a contingent from Sweden representing the City of Vaxjo, named the greenest city in Europe. This city is aiming for 2020 when 50 per cent of all new buildings will be made of wood. But their ultimate goal is to build a city of wood.

I know it's Halloween, but this is not spooky imagery, it's exciting: imagine walking down your street and seeing not only rows of solid wooden homes but mid-rises up to eight storeys primarily made of wood. In another part of town, you see a wooden tennis athletic centre, made by former Swedish star Stefan Edberg, with four courts, supported by a 40-foot wood beam. Meanwhile, on other corners there are shops, offices and municipal buildings - all made primarily with wood.

Vaxjo has a population of 85,000, so we're not comparing apples with apples (don't forget to check them on Saturday!) when we look at the GTA. But Vaxjo is a source of innovation and inspiration for us. We need to make the move towards wood: it's a renewable resource, it has a much smaller carbon footprint compared with other materials such as concrete and steel, there are psychological benefits to living in a home made of wood, and using our natural resources will help us to build homes and other buildings all over the province while creating jobs for the lumber industry in Northern Ontario.

Speaking of innovation, please see my column in the Toronto Sun below which addresses the partnership between RESCON and the University of Toronto to create a Tall Building Research Centre at the university. Tridel, Menkes and Daniels have signed up to be advisers for the centre.

A few other treats: Please see Andrew Pariser's Health & Safety column, and the RCCAO's new report on infrastructure investment, which says a $1-billion investment can reap $1.7 billion in tax revenue for Ontario.

Happy Halloween, folks! Boo!



How Swede it is: Lyall meets wood advocates

RESCON president Richard Lyall, fourth from left, is joined by RCCAO executive director Andy Manahan, left, and delegates from Sweden who visited RESCON to talk about the city of wood -- Vaxjo, Sweden. The city is aiming for 50 per cent of its new buildings to be made of wood by 2020. Click here for the Swedish team's presentation.

TORONTO SUN: RESCON teams up with U of T to create new tall building research centre

This is an exciting venture that we're proud to announce as well as be a part of. Not only will this lead the way for high-rise innovation for our industry, it will benefit condo buyers looking for a quality new home.

Click here to read Lyall's Sun column.

RESCON strengthens relationship with OBOA

RESCON VP Andrew Pariser addresses a crowd of 500 during the president's dinner to close the recent OBOA meeting and training sessions. We were proud to sponsor the event. Read Richard Lyall's take at this link.

TECH CORNER: Welcome to my nightmare

Our philosophical Michael Steele, director of technical standards, riffs on Tarion, the fire saftey guideline that we've all been waiting for, MMAH, MOECC, his dream and then, in the spirit of Halloween, his nightmare!!! (Insert spooky laugh here.)

Read his column on RESCON's blog at this link.

CODE NEWS: 'X' Permits mark the spot

Want to cut red tape for the construction and design industry? Then the provincial government should issue "X" Permits, which would reduce the liability of municipalities and stimulate job growth by allowing the use of new materials and innovative technologies that support the government's focus on environmental sustainability and energy conservation in Ontario.

Read Antoniuk's full column here.

HEALTH & SAFETY: Calling all builders

RESCON VP and health and safety committee chairman Andrew Pariser is looking for builders to come forward so that we can highlight the health and safety innovation and best practices in place for our industry's leaders.

Read Pariser's column here.

Scary thoughts for knowledge economy

Richard Florida and Greg Spencer team up for this column in the Globe and Mail in which they warn Canadians that we are ignoring our most valuable natural resources -- knowledge, innovation and creativity -- to the peril of all industries.

Check out their story here.

Invest $1B in infra, get $1.7B return: report

RCCAO has financed independent research by CANCEA (Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis) into the economic benefits of investment in infrastructure.

Read the press release here.

Read the report here.

RCCAO looks back at 10 years of advocacy

Andy Manahan pens a column for the Daily Commercial News looking back on 10 years of infrastructure advocacy and 35 reports (No. 36 is above) by the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO).

Click here for the story.

CDAO releases federal infra series

Check out the infrastructure video series produced by CDAO ahead of the election featuring four federal political parties. Members of the Construction and Design Alliance of Ontario include RESCON, RCCAO, OSPE, CEO and BILD. Above is Bill Morneau, rumoured to be Justin Trudeau's future finance minister, who gives the Liberals' take at this link.

See the entire video series here.

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