Here's a snapshot of some of the most important issues
for the residential construction industry.
The provincial government's plans to eliminate sprawl and rapidly pursue net-zero new housing are going to put new housing shelter further out of reach for working families.

While there is no doubt we need to curb sprawl, intensify, and cut energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, it can't be on the back of new housing supply. The fact is little if anything has been done to facilitate intensification, or even to properly examine the benefits of reducing energy and the carbon footprint in new-housing production at an estimated cost of $100,000 per home. Many do not realize Ontario is already a leader in energy-efficient housing.  

Impeding housing supply drives up shelter costs and kills jobs and investment. Not having proper consultation with builders nor serious cost-benefit analysis is a disaster and will actually defeat the objectives. The focus should be on bringing existing housing stock to a higher standard of energy efficiency.

Read more on this in a fascinating "Innovation Nation" column on by our two newest team members at RESCON, Paul De Berardis and Michael de Lint.

As for the rest of the newsletter, my Toronto Sun column looks at keeping affordability alive; another column for our website profiles our newest team member, Michael de Lint; RESCON VP Andrew Pariser writes about the ABCs of the WSIB; and RCCAO's Andy Manahan writes an op-ed for On-Site magazine on the possibilities that a Canadian Infrastructure Investment Agency could offer the federal government.

If you haven't seen it yet, I also had the pleasure of appearing on TVO's The Agenda hosted by one of the smartest men in the media, Steve Paikin. The topic was the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. Click here, then the TVO link to watch.
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Net-zero gain: The $100,000 question

RESCON's building science director, Paul De Berardis, teams up with regulatory guru Michael de Lint to look at Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan: they estimate buyers will have to shell out an extra $100,000 for a net-zero new home.

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Keeping the home ownership dream alive

In his most recent Toronto Sun column, Richard Lyall looks at three roadblocks holding back new-home buyers from getting on the housing ladder as well as three starting points to counteract those barriers.

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Ex-bureaucrat joins team as regulatory guru

Michael de Lint leads our efforts on reforming construction building regulations. An expert in Ontario's Building Code Act, he is also a World Bank consultant and RESCON's new director of building regulatory reform and technical standards.

More on de Lint here.

What do I need to know about the WSIB?

RESCON health and safety committee chair Andrew Pariser spells out the ABCs of the Workers Safety and Insurance Board in his monthly column on

Read Pariser's column here.

Proposed agency would help megaprojects

RCCAO executive director Andy Manhan writes a guest column for On-Site magazine about the potential of creating a Canadian Infrastructure Investment Agency based on a recent independent report's findings.

Click here for the article.
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